This One Thing.

PRAISE ALSO When it looks like your prayers are not answered.. Dear Friend,

Most times the enemy tend to throw a feeling of frustration at God's children when they have made a request unto God and they seem not to get any answer to their prayers. Some turn to other means of having their desires met while others nurse a silent grudge at God, thinking He won't notice because they are too scared to voice their bitterness hence they start backsliding in unbelief gradually , some even get to the point where they rebelled and reject the existence of God. This is one big trick the enemy uses to get God's children away from God's Kingdom.  
One thing you need to keep in mind is God would not give you what would harm, hurt or thwart His divine purpose for your life , and most times  it might just be that the timing is not yet right for you to get your desire in the physical. You might feel the pain of that 'ONE THING' that you so wanted at a point in time and did not get,…


YOUR STATE OF MIND If only you knew*
When you see people looking happy on the outside and it´s like they got everything in their lives all together , do not feel sad thinking their lives is better than yours. The truth is you dont know what goes on behind close doors, the real face behind that glam .   What looks like a life of prosperity and affluence might just be full of painful sacrifices that can never be told.   If  people you admire and  envy should let you walk in their shoes for some moment , you would never want to trade places with them and you would stop admiring all you think they enjoy that you dont have.

A lot of people have caused terrible problems in their homes , relationship, business etc because they were busy  comparing.  Marriages that collapsed due to comaprison are countless, men and women who  abandoned the right path just because they compared their spouse with others and started making wrong choices step by step until everything fell apart to realise they lo…

Positive Energy in Marriage

Your Energy Vibrations: Negative or Positive?

What thoughts do you feed your inner man?  Individuals are manifesting way too much negativity than positive blessings in their relationship/marriage.  Your thought towards your spouse matters a lot irrespective of their character.  I will try my best not to divert to the issues of  bitterness and unforgiveness here becasue I just want to address how you think towards your partner.  Entertaining thoughts like "my wife is my problem" "my husband is not responsible" "what kind of foolish man is this"?, "this woman is evil" and such statements  would only speed up  the high trend of negative manifestions in your marriage.  
We all know quotes like "think positive",  "your thoughts rule your world", "guard your hearts dilligently"  and the likes, but how many actually and constantly practise the power of positive thinking? . As simple as it sounds , what you think is what you…